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Ippen, (1239-1289), Japanese monk, considered to be the founder of the Ji sect 时宗 of Pure Land 净土 Buddhism, which has its main temple Yugyo^ji 游行寺 in Fujisawa. Ippen was born in present-day Ehime prefecture and studied at an early age with a disciple of Ho^nen 法然. He left the priesthood once to return to the secular world, but later reversed this decision. After a pilgrimage to Zenko^ji 善光寺 in Nagano prefecture, he went to a secluded temple in Ehime, where he carried out rigorous religious practice, and eventually had an experience of intimate unity with Amita^bha Buddha 阿弥陀佛. He became convinced through this experience that no matter what one's degree of religious preparation, he or she could be reborn in the Pure Land by virtue of even one recitation of Amita^bha's name. He subsequently wandered throughout the country, handing out slips of paper to people with basic instructions for his style of Pure Land practice. He is said to have converted thousands. Approaching death at the age of 51, he burned all of his own writings, and thus none of his works survive.

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